Create a list to extract leads/prospects from Linkedin

If you have not done so already, first install the Chrome extension

Create a list to save the leads

Open the tool to extract emails from LInkedin on the dashboard, you should see then this page:

Click on the menu “manage my lists”.

Click then on “create a new list”.

Select a name to give to your list.

Go on Linkedin and make your first extraction.

Open Linkedin.com and go on Linkedin Premium or Sals navigator, create a search of prospects. Make sure to select “people” top of left on Linkedin premium.

At the bottom left of LInkedin you should see 2 bars, click on “emails extractor” bar to open the widget.

This will open a popup to extract the emails, select the list you created before and then click on start the automation / extraction.

The tool will automatically extract all pages and the emails related to all the prospects.

Go back in your lists to download in Excel or CSV the leads collected.