How to set up the Social Automation Chrome Extension

The Lead Llama Social Automation chrome extension is a great way to grow your professional network, or build lists using navigator.

Installing the extension is simple.

  • Click on the link “Automate your visits and connections requests” tool under the “Prospecting tools module” or click here when logged in to the app.
  • Download the extension
  • Unzip the file
  • In google chrome paste in chrome://extensions/ into your address bar
  • In the upper right, check “Developer Tools”
  • In the upper left click “Load Unpacked”
  • Upload the file that you just unzipped
  • By default, the extension should already be enabled but make sure the toggle is pushed to “On”
  • If installed correctly, when you go to visit your professional networking site, you will see 2 Yellow boxes in the bottom right of the screen. One says “Lead Llama – Emails Extractor” and one says “Lead Llama – Auto connect & Visits.”

See the video below for a real time tutorial of installation.

Note: Automating social media actions may be against the terms of service. You should use this tool at your own risk and add space between actions. Lead Llama assumes no responsibility for locked or deleted social media profiles.